Monday, February 7, 2011

It's evil and I hate it!!

Cancer sucks! It's taken so many of my loved ones already. Now that the MIL has it, it threatens to take her too. Without a miraculous healing from God, cancer will win again. We had special prayer at church last night and there were about 6-8 people in our small community that were named to have cancer. It's killing us all and there is nothing that we can do to stop it. It sneaks up on you and BAM, it's too late! There are a few people here and there that beat it. You hear praise reports every now and then of someone that had it and now it's gone. Those people are few and far between and for every one that beats it, there are hundreds that don't. It just isn't fair!! I know that God didn't promise us that life would be fair but it sure would be nice if it was.

We brought MIL home a few days ago. We've enjoyed her being home and loved spending time with her but it's hard seeing her wither away so quickly. She's always been the go getter. The one that could run circles around the rest of us. The one that was up at the crack of dawn and staying up after the rest of us had long gone to bed. There's not a lazy bone in her body and all she's every known is to work. To see her so weak and so sick just hurts my heart.

She keeps talking about Sisters recital. She's looked forward to that recital since the day Sister started dance class back in August. She has asked me 100 times in the past few weeks when the recital is. She knows that it's in May and she knows that her time here on earth is short. She wants more than anything to make it to that dance recital and I pray, Oh God I pray, that she makes it!

Cancer SUCKS!!!