Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where did my toddler go?

My boy, he's growing up before my very eyes. Part of me can't stand it. I want my baby back! He was my one and only for 9 years. He and I are so close and I cherish that. My little boy isn't a baby anymore. He's not that chunky little blond haired toddler that used to make me laugh. Now he's a preteen, in junior high, and showing interest in girls. Time goes by so fast!!!

I watched him and his daddy seine fish last night and he is such a great helper. He's really stepped up and helped his daddy out since I can't do it now. I'm so glad that he enjoys helping his daddy and we don't have to force him. Seeing him grow and blossom is amazing. But....what happened to my toddler? In the back of my mind I can still see that little boy with blond hair and baby fat. It seems like only yesterday that I was laying beside him in bed every night until he fell asleep. Like only yesterday I was packing his lunch in his Power Rangers lunch box. I love the boy that he has become but I also miss the baby that he was. Life is short and it goes by so quickly.

He and I are still very close and I pray that we stay that way. I know that sometimes I am too hard on him and I have to watch what I say and do. I just want him to grow up to be a good person, a respecter of women, a man that others look up to. I want so many things for him but I know that he has to blossom and grow on his own. Gah, I love that kid! I just want the best for him!

Love your babies and cherish every moment you have with them because one day, you'll look around and they'll be all grown up. It happens that fast! I am so thankful for every moment that I have gotten to spend with my children. They are my greatest gift!!


Harmony said...

Excellent photo! And yay for someone else to help seine fish!

BTW - there's an award for you on my blog.

Court said...

I can hardly imagine it, I"m still just trying to get her to string together a three word sentence.