Monday, March 23, 2009

A Stranger's Heart

You never know what someone else is going through. The daily struggles that they live with, the hurt that is in their heart, you can't see it on the outside. Unless you are told, you have no clue what's in someone else's mind. I try to remember that and live by that rule as much as possible. Bubba and I have discussed it many times. If you are in the check out line and the lady checking out your groceries is a little rude or unsociable, take into account that you don't know what she may be going through.

I had to have blood drawn for my diabetes test. The lady that was drawing my blood was very short, a bit bitter, and even somewhat rude. She's an elderly lady and I've seen her in the halls of the Dr.'s office many times. She's never really worn a smile and doesn't have much to say to anyone. I've often thought to myself, "what a rude old hag," but I've never said anything. Then I slipped up, I made a comment to the girl taking my blood pressure that the old lady was in bad mood all of the time. She said, "Yeah, she just lost her husband 3 weeks ago to cancer, they had been married almost 50 years." Okay, now I feel like a complete jerk! Instead of judging her, I should have taken my own advice and considered what she may be going through. It doesn't excuse the fact that she's a bit rude and very cold but it does help me to understand why she is. How would I feel if I had lost my husband of almost 50 years to cancer? Just goes to show that you never know what another person is going through. You never know what weighs on someone else's heart. I'm going to try a little harder to take my own advice and not be so quick to judge. Now, instead of grumbling to myself about how rude she is, I'll be praying for God to give her peace.


Michelle Lynn said...

Such a good reminder. Thank you.

Court said...

How true this is. I keep having to remind myself this, especially when I'm extra crabby.