Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Passive Aggressive Much?

She was gone an entire week and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Only one phone call the entire time that she was gone and I actually let it go to voice mail. Then today, she came back. Same old passive aggressive bull crap. Hubs and I have had a talk and I explained to her today that we all three need to have a talk. Her response, "Well, I'll let ya'll talk to me because I know I'm the wrong one and whatever ya'll want to say is going to be right." OMG, she's killing me! She's completely and totally obsessed with my child and it is sickening. Will she ever realize that she is NOT the mother? I know she's old and all but she's got a brain right?
She has seriously worn out her welcome with me and I can never feel the way I used to feel about her again. I honestly can't stand to be around her anymore. The sight of her makes me cringe. I really do hate feeling that way but she's brought it all on herself. I hope that Hubs and I can have a long talk with her and make her understand what she's doing. Heck, Hubs doesn't even know the half of it. I've kept my mouth shut for so long until I finally go to the boiling point. I was worried that it would cause trouble between Hubs and I but as it turns out, he's on my side. I'm ready to get some things off of my chest and tell her exactly how I feel and lay down the law so to speak. Things have got to change before Thumper gets here, that's for sure.


Court said...

Oh. I feel for you. We have sort of the opposite situation, my MIL is so nonexistent in my kid's life it drives me nuts but then she is so impossible I am like, wait, why would I want to impose her nastiness on my precious daughter? It's good that our kids have caring moms like us to protect them from the not so caring people in their lives!

Amy said...

I totally understand. I have the same situation as Court was talking about. It's a tough situation to be in.