Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leave me and my household alone!

It seems that the flu is going around really bad. There have been so many kids at school sick with the flu that they are talking about dismissing school for a few days. There are only 35 kids in the sixth grade and Bubba said that they've had 5-6 absent every day this week. I got an email from the school this morning and according to the email, the elementary has really been hit hard. Boy am I glad that Bubba isn't in that building anymore.

The school gave free flu shots several months back and I was a little upset that Bubba didn't tell me about it until it was over with. Now, it looks like those flu shots didn't do any good anyway. They say that this round of flu is different and that no one is safe. We only have five boys on our basketball team and Bubba said that two of them have been home all week with the flu. Looks like we won't be playing ball this weekend. I hate to forfeit but it looks like we have no choice.

If it is really as bad as they say it is I wish they would just go ahead and cancel school. I really really don't want my kids to come down with it. Other than Sister getting sick from the Dr.'s office when we went for her 18 month well check, my kids have been pretty healthy this winter. A sniffle here or there but nothing major and I'd like to keep it that way. And Lord knows that my big preggo butt doesn't need to get sick. Please, oh please sickies, stay away from me and my household.


Court said...

Love the new look by the way (sorry if it's not so new, I've been so busy.) I wonder if you can get like every version of the flu for it seems my whole house has been sick in one way or the other since oh I don't know October?

Tiffany said...

You definitely don't want this thing! Nasty stuff!