Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's a new season

Last weekend was our very last Little Dribblers basketball game ever. It was the last time that I will ever coach him and the last time that he will ever play. This week started a new season. The spring season baseball draft was held on Sunday. I was so worried about him getting on a good team and where he'd go in the draft. Once it was all over and we got a phone call I couldn't have been more relieved. There were 117 kids that tried out for teams. Bubba went #5 in the draft. That's freaking awesome! I'm so proud of him! I know he's good but you know when you are a parent it's hard not to be a little biased. It was so awesome to find out that other coaches thinks he's that awesome too. He got a great coach too! I was so worried about that. His coach is a good Christian guy and will definitely teach him something. There are so many coaches out there that aren't good mentors and I didn't want him to get stuck with some smuck. God was looking out for us and we are both pleased with the outcome. He can't wait to get started and meet new teammates and friends.

Tomorrow is his first tournament game. He's on a Select Tournament team too. They are the best of the best in the league and they travel and play weekend tournaments. It's very competitive but fun too. Bubba loves it! Thank goodness they don't play that often because it can get a little heavy on the pocket book. Their team has good sponsors though and they usually take care of supplying their uniforms and such. Which reminds me, I better go hunt up all of Bubba's uniform, it's been a couple of months since he's worn it.

Other news: Still no name for our little Thumper. It really bothers me that she doesn't have a name yet. I just haven't come across THAT name and until I do she'll just be our little Thumper.
Sissy girl has been peeing on the potty!!!! Yay Sissy! We are no where near potty trained yet but we have sure made good progress this week.
If we can get her out of diapers before Thumper gets here I'll be tickled pink.
It's less than three months before her second birthday and I must admit, it makes me a little sad. Where has time gone?
I'm over half way with this pregnancy and I want it to slow down. I know this is the last one and I want to cherish every moment of it.

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Amy said...

Good for your little girl - going potty. Yay!!