Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm gonna walk!

I've been interested in March of Dimes ever since I had Sister. She was 7 wks early and defied all odds. The Dr.'s were preparing us for all kinds of problems. They expected oxygen and feeding tubes, a long stay in the hospital, even possible developmental delays. My sweet precious girl entered this world a healthy 4 lbs. 13 oz. and breathing on her own. She never had to have oxygen, be in an incubator, or even have feeding tubes. She was a trooper. a real fighter from the very beginning. We were soooo blessed! She and I were in the hospital for 7 days. During those 7 days I saw a lot of babies and a lot of families that were not nearly as blessed. Tiny little frail babies with all sorts of tubes in their little bodies. Mommies having to touch their babies through incubator walls. It was really sad and really hard to see. I was going to that NICU every 3 hours to see and feed my precious baby girl and it was hard. I admit, I had times that I really felt sorry for myself, then I would look around and see how fortunate we were. How much worse it could be.

I got to know one lady there fairly well. Her baby, Olivia was born at 33 wks, just like Sister. But little Olivia only weighed 3.8 lbs. She had the tubes and monitors and was confined to an incubator. Her mother was staying in a Ronald McDonald House and coming to visit when she could. Little Olivia had already been in the hospital for weeks before we got there so this mother had already seen others come and go. I felt so sorry for her! She cried the day we got to take Sister home. She hugged me as we left and said that she was happy for us but couldn't help but be jealous. I learned a lot about preemies that week that we were in the hospital. Taking care of a preemie is completely different that taking care of a full term babe. I couldn't have done it without the support of my loving family.

March of Dimes is having a March for Babies Walk here in my hometown and I've decided to get up off of my butt and walk. Yes, I will be big and preggo, probably swollen feet and all but I can do it. It's a two mile walk in the middle of April and it's for a good cause. I am stepping out and hoping to raise money to help other families with premature babies. Bubba is really excited about it too and he's talked to a couple of his teachers about doing a fund raiser at school. Maybe a penny collection or something. I'm excited and can't wait to get started! If I can help just one person, just one family, not have to go through what we went through with Sister, then it is all worth it.


Daily Verses said...

I think it's great. I walked last year, and will probably do so again this year. Besides baby K, I have a good friend whose daughter was born at 33 w 5 d. She was on a ventilator for a week, in the NICU a total of 2 weeks.

Abby*Lane said...

What a wonderful cause. One that I wish there was no need for.

btw, you've been tagged on my blog :)