Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How is it time already?

Tomorrow we go find out what Thumper is going to be. Boy? Girl? I can't decide what I want. I guess, honestly, I really don't care. With Bubba, I knew from the beginning that I wanted a boy. I was so incredibly happy when it was confirmed. With Sister, I wanted a girl because Hubs and Bubba wanted a girl. I must admit though that I caught myself looking at little boy clothes from time to time. Now, I am soooo glad that I got my girly. She's a feisty little toot but so much fun! I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. I thought that surely if I ever got pregnant again that I would want a boy. You know, since I was still looking at little boy clothes even after it was confirmed that Sister would be a girl. But deep down, I think another girl would be awesome. I joke about how much of a handful she is, and Lord knows she is, but I would take 100 more just like her. So, whatever this baby is, I will be happy. As long as he/she is healthy, that's all that matters. I can't wait to find out!

It is so hard to believe that I am already 19 wks. It seems like only yesterday that I found out I was preggers. It's going too fast. This is most definitely the last one and I want it to slow down. I can't wait to meet Thumper but I don't want this pregnancy to fly by either. I really like being pregnant. The first couple of months are kind of rough. The tiredness and all is a little tough but once that little baby inside starts growing and moving, it's an awesome feeling. I love it when the baby moves. After Sister was born I really missed my preggo belly a lot. A lot more than I could have imagined that I would. I would catch myself rubbing my belly and kind of feeling sad that my little baby wasn't in there moving around.

Having Sister so early really taught me to slow down and enjoy every minute of pregnancy. After my appointment yesterday, I'm a little scared. There is a 50-50 chance that I will have this baby early too. Having Sister so early was the scariest thing I have ever been through in my life and I don't EVER want to go through that again. The Dr. told me yesterday that I will have to start my weekly visits at 30 wks. this time. We also decided that a vbac is not an option. It looks like I will have to have a c-sec this time. If Thumper stays in there and bakes like he/she is supposed to then I can handle the c-sec. What I can't handle is another emergency. Please little one, PLEASE, stay put until it is time to come out.

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