Saturday, January 24, 2009

Teamwork Baby

Today was the second weekend of our basketball season. I only have 5 boys on my team so their health is very important. Our schedule had us playing out of town today and playing two games back to back. I must admit that I was a little worried about the boys and their stamina. That's two full hours of running up and down the court and I wasn't sure that they were quite ready for that. Not to mention the first team that we were scheduled to play was a really tough team, the only team that we had never beaten before. We've been playing for 6 years now and this team is tough. The have a good coach and they are well disciplined boys. Year before last we got within 4 points of them but still no defeat.

Our first game was at 1:00 p.m. My boys were pumped up and ready to play. Then they saw the other team. All of those boys were bigger, stronger, and a little intimidating. I told my guys to just play their game and do their best, that's all that we could do. The first quarter, my boys played exceptional defense, only allowing 2 points. We were having a little trouble getting in the lane because it was the first time that we were up against zone defense. By the second quarter we made the adjustments that we needed to make and we got on the board. By halftime we were down 10-4. Not too bad, but getting a little scary.

We came back in the third quarter and held them to no points while we scored 10. I have never seen my boys play such disciplined basketball. They were playing like a TEAM. No one was hogging the ball and no one was trying to shine. All five of them were shining! By the start of the fourth quarter the coach of the other team was so upset that he grabbed the ball and threw it to the floor making it bounce almost up to the rafters. My boys went on to finish the game 22-12. I have never been more proud of five boys in my life. They played GREAT basketball and I believe that at that point, they could have taken on the world.

Those five boys only had a five minute break before their next ballgame. They were so pumped that they didn't even look winded. They were on top of the world. We went on to win the second game 19-5, beating another rivalry. I must admit, I am not the most liked coach out there. I am the only woman in our league that coaches and those men can't stand to be beaten by my team. To get out coached by a woman, it's the end of the world. Yep, I get a thrill out of it. But today, I wasn't as concerned about beating the men as I was thrilled with my boys for their spectacular display of teamwork and good sportsmanship. It takes a team to win and WIN we did! WAY TO GO BOYS!

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