Thursday, January 15, 2009

I think I have gotten my point across

I haven't seen mil since Saturday at Bubba's basketball game and I've only spoken to her about twice on the phone this week. Normally, she calls 5-6 times a day. I've really enjoyed not having to listen to her all week. She really is a good person and she means well and all but she is like a cancer for me. I don't think I have ever talked to her without her talking bad about somebody. I'm sure she has always done it but it didn't affect me until after I had Sister. When she talked about me behind my back and I found out about it, it all came to me. She talks about everyone else so why wouldn't she talk about me?

She is constantly talking about Hubs nephew and his wife. They had their first son 4 years ago and from the time that child was born she talked about them. They didn't do this right and they didn't do that right. Their parenting skills weren't what she was used to so therefore it wasn't right. She talks about how terrible her house looks and how dirty it is. The laundry is never done and there is mold growing on things in the fridge. Now that they have their second son and she's still breastfeeding him at 11 months it's just the worst thing in the world. They let the kids nap late at night and then they stay up too late and therefore sleep too late. Who cares???? It's their kids and they are raising them the way they want to raise them. No one is getting hurt so leave them alone!

I get so sick and tired of listening to her talk about other people. She is one of those people that if it isn't done her way then it is the wrong way. I have listened to her talk about other people so much that I KNOW she has to be talking about me behind my back too. Why wouldn't she? She's done it once and got caught so I know she's doing it again. That is why I have chosen to put a distance between us. The less she knows about me the less she can talk about me.

She and sil are leaving tomorrow and will be gone for a few days. I know that it is killing her that she didn't get to see Sister before she leaves. They are going to the other sil's house 9 hours away. I am sure once they get there I will be topic of conversation. I sometimes feel bad because we used to have a really great relationship but once she talked bad about me and hurt me like that, I just can't get past it. It isn't like I am holding a grudge, I just want to keep her at a distance so that she doesn't have much to talk about. I'm not going to give her ammunition in other words. Stay out of my house so you can't tell people that I don't keep as clean of a house as you do and stay away from me so that I don't do something that you disapprove of.

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