Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Is In The Air

A couple of weeks ago Bubba and I were out shopping. He saw me looking at some scarves and puting a few in my cart. I could see that he was in deep thought but I didn't say anything to him, and then, he quietly says, "Mom, can I buy a couple of those too?" I said of course, who would you like to buy them for? He wanted one for a "girlfriend" in Pennsylvania, one for a "girl" friend in his class, and then one for a girl that wasn't allowed to receive gifts.

He really likes this little girl at school. She's a super cute kid and always so polite and nice when I see her. She's a Jehovah's Witness and their religion doesn't celebrate holidays of any kind. No birthdays, no Thanksgiving or Christmas, nothing. So he was trying to figure out how he could buy Courtney a gift without it actually being a gift. He's a really sweet boy!

Courtney isn't allowed to come to school on days that they have school parties or any type of festivities so he knew that she wouldn't be attending school this Friday. They won't really be having a party but they are going to be watching Christmas movies and having refreshments. I really don't understand her religion but it kind of makes me feel sorry for her.

So anyway, Bubba decided that he would give her the scarf on the day of their field trip, which is tomorrow. The kids that participated in UIL competition are exempt from final exams so they get to go to the park and then to eat pizza. He said that he would put the scarf in his back pack and give it to her when they got to the park. It is supposed to be a windy, chilly day and he thinks that he can give it to her to keep her warm and pass it off as not actually being a "gift." I really hope that she accepts it. If she doesn't, or isn't allowed to, it is really going to break his heart.

I'm really proud of my boy! He has a big heart and thinks of others. That makes me really happy. It also bothers me to an extent. He really wants to please others and I worry that it may get him in trouble some day. I just have to pray that he doesn't let peer pressure get to him and that he does what he knows is right. I'm an over protective momma and I don't want my boy to get hurt!


Tiffany said...

He really does have a good heart. You've done a great job raising him!

Kelly said...

He's such a sweetheart!