Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's really starting to sink in now

We are going to have another baby! I never thought that I would be saying this. I admit, sometimes I thought that I wanted another one but then reality would strike and I would realize that we were done. Hubs was happy with two and I was content. We have a boy and a girl, how much more blessed could we be? Obviously God meant for us to have three. I was really in shock at first and it took a bit for it to sink in. Hubs, well he was in complete denial. How could this possibly have happened? We only went unprotected once! He's right, but obviously that's all it took. I never would have imagined it, but I am pregnant. We tried for years to have a baby and it just wasn't in the cards. The Dr. told me that my chances of conceiving were slim and none. Then there came Sister. She was our miracle baby! Now we are having another miracle baby! What are the odds? We are truly blessed!

Hubs is starting to finally come around. He wasn't so happy about it all at first but it is starting to sink in for him now. He came home yesterday and rubbed my belly and asked how his baby was doing. That made me feel so good! He's really a great daddy and he was so wonderful when I was preggo with Sister so I can only imagine he will be the same this time around.

It is a lot tougher being pregnant and trying to chase after a toddler. At least when I was preggo with Sister, Bubba was old enough to tend to himself and help me out if I needed it. Most of the time he was in school so if I wanted to nap, I could. If I wanted to lay around and do nothing, I could. Not this time around. Sister requires my full attention. She is such a busy body too. She keeps me really busy. I have a whole new respect for those of you that have been preggo while chasing around a toddler. It's hard work. I am so tired and sleepy but can't take a nap. Sister has some kind of built in radar that knows when I am exhausted because that is when she is going to be ripping and rearing to go. She's a mess! But a good mess, lol.


Momma B said...

wow, congrats!

Jamie B said...

of course it was meant to be!!!! yay, i'm so happy for yall! now when can we find out if it's a boy or girl!? lol!

Tiffany said...

Yay! New Babies!!

Amy said...

Good luck! Hope you can get some down time.