Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Truth

I think it's time that the truth came out. That's one good thing about this wonderful country we live in, we have the freedom of speech. Now that I've been banned from YYM I don't have to worry about stepping on any one's toes anymore. I can tell it as I see it and you can do with it as you wish.

First I would like to start by saying that it has been a pleasure sharing my pregnancy, my family, my children, and my life with you all. We have shared a lot of memories over the last two years, many that I will never forget. Thank you for sharing your lives and families with me. It has been an honor.
That being said; I feel like I need to get some things off of my chest. I am sure that once I say what I have to say, some of you will no longer like me, and that's okay. I will truly miss you girls! You've meant a lot to me. I hope that you keep in touch. For those of you that care not to keep in touch, I wish you the best.

I would like to talk about my ban from YYM. I honestly feel like I was wrongfully banned. I truly feel that I did absolutely nothing wrong to warrant being banned. I opened up a simple discussion on NMD. Never did I mention any one's name nor did I mention that it involved anyone from YYM. The ONLY person that knew who or what I was talking about was JB and she felt the need to run and tell ML. If I had mentioned names or anything of that nature then I can see her concern, but I did not. My feelings were VERY hurt by it. I thought that JB could be trusted but now I have found out that she has been reporting back to ML all along. Trying to keep the pot stirring instead of letting it die. I was also very hurt by the fact that no one ever asked me what I posted or anything about it. ML just took it upon herself to suspend me without ever questioning me about it. Then once my 10 day suspension was up she went ahead and completely banned me before I got a chance to take up for myself. If I remember correctly, a few months back when ML asked if it was okay to let Kat come back to the board, she stated that she thought that Girl had unfairly banned her. She said that Girl was being controlling and not asking the opinion of the other board members. The biggest complaint about Girl was that she was a "control freak." Well, pot meet kettle! First J and now me.

I was not really around when the "split" took place at NMD. I was in the middle of moving and taking care of family business. When I got back, I was shocked that LA and ML had left. I did not know what took place and nothing was ever posted on NMD telling anyone what happened. It was a month later that ML sent me the link to YYM and it was not until then that I heard the story for the first time. Since then I have heard the other side of the story too. I asked! Girl was/still is very hurt by the fact that no one bothered to ask her what happened. Everyone just bailed on her and followed ML and LA. There are two sides to every story and everyone should be given their fair shot to defend themselves. Girl took the high road and did not post about the squabble nor did she ever mention it. She honestly thought that it was something that could be worked out.

Girl and C have been nothing but good to me, as have most of you. It is just a shame that grown women can't get along and act like mature adults. No one is going to agree with everyone all of the time. It just isn't going to happen. However, we as adults should have enough mutual respect for one another to work out our differences. You all know the conversations that took place in "Smack Talk" on YYM. I can honestly say that there was NEVER any such topics on NMD. As for the accused stalkings. A is a grown woman and does whatever she wants whenever she wants. No one can control her. Girl, C, nor anyone else asks her to do the things she does, she just does them, and to hold anyone other than A responsible is just plain wrong. The blowing up of the websites. Ask M who started that. I just feel like Girl and C have been wrongfully accused of things and it is completely unfair that they were not allowed to defend themselves. Why not ask them what happened? Have enough respect for them to give them a chance to defend themselves.

During the Birthday buddies gift swapping, I made a mistake. Sisters birthday buddy was E.C. I thought that it was E.G. I was out of town on vacation, dealing with my depression issues, and came home to several very ugly PM's from LA. I admit it, I screwed up and didn't get E.C.'s gift out in time but LA was very rude to me and left me several very ugly messages. It really hurt my feelings but I didn't say anything. I was told that I screwed up E.C.'s special day by not sending her gift on time. I assure you that it was not on purpose!

I would also like to mention the "secret board" that was supposedly on NMD. Girl set that so called "secret board" up for her CO friends that she was friends with IRL. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. They shared personal information there that they were not comfortable sharing publicly yet. As soon as ML found out about it she pouted and wanted to be a part of it. Girl finally just disbanded the "secret board." It wasn't what ML made it out to be to begin with. I could go on and on but I don't want to repeat hearsay. My point is, ML said a LOT of very hateful things about Girl and she was never given the chance to defend herself. I just want you to stop and think how she must feel. Her "friends" that she supplied a board for and was responsible for getting together, just up and left her without every asking questions. Wouldn't your feelings be hurt too?

I am not and never will be the type of person to follow the leader just because everyone else is. I believe what I believe and I have that right. Why can't we just agree to disagree and handle it like mature adults? It is completely obvious that ML has serious control issues. She wants to be the "cool" girl. Well, you are the "cool" girl now. Enjoy yourself!


Tiffany said...

I didn't realize you had been banned. I'm sorry to hear that! I do miss you friend!!! We will definitely be keeping in touch.

Beautifully Unique said...

That's because ML wanted everyone to believe that I just didn't come back which is NOT the case. She banned me and blocked my IP.

Amy said...

Wait a second. The same people who gave others shit about gossiping and such, have a section called Smack Talk?? Sounds to me like the whole purpose of that section is to talk shit about others. So much for "kindness."

Sonja said...

Wow.... nice group to have a "smack talk" section! I think that says it all... I am sooo glad I am not part of that group.