Friday, October 24, 2008


Can you believe that it is just around the corner? That means Christmas will be here before we know it. I'm not prepared. How is it that the older you get the quicker time flies? The elders always said things like that and I always thought that they were silly. They were 100% right. Time goes by so quickly.

We are going to Midland again this year for Thanksgiving. I must admit, I am a bit excited. I'm not looking forward to the 9 hour drive but I can't wait to get there. Bubba can't wait either. He's hoping for another snow day. He's only seen snow twice in his life and the first time he was really too young to remember. He had a great time last year with the snow ball fights and building the huge snowman. Sister is big enough this year to really enjoy it too. Last year we made the mistake of driving home during an awful blizzard. By the time we got to Abilene the snow was so thick we could barely see to drive. It took us almost 13 hours to get home. This time, if it does snow, we aren't leaving until the snow lets up.

Hubs' sister is a great hostess. She's been preparing for our arrival for months. She can't wait for us to get there. We will only be there a few days but she has so many things planned for us to do. Of course we will be doing the early bird shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We have gotta hit those crazy sales and get all of those cool freebies, lol. I love Black Friday! I'm sure it will be really exciting trying to take Sister shopping at 5:00 a.m. Bubba will go with the men and hunt quail. He's never been quail hunting so he's a little excited about it. I hope he has a good time.


J.C. said...

You're brave! I hate Black Friday- avoid it at all cost. Have fun on your trip. :-)

Tiffany said...

Have a great time!! I cannot believe that Thanksgiving/Christmas is coming so fast.

Andria and Co. said...

That sounds like fun! I haven't been quail hunting in years... I think I was around B's age when I went for the first time. I remember the excitement as we flushed those suckers out!
I can't wait to see what great deals are on Black Friday this year! Woot!

Harmony said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend to look forward to :)

I tagged you on my blog.