Saturday, October 11, 2008

She's rotten!

Hubs is wiring up a friends house. It's a huge two story on top of a mountain. The kids and I decided to go take him some lunch today and help him out a little. When we got there Hubs gave us a tour of the house. There are no walls or anything yet but you can tell that it is going to be a beautiful place. Well Sister decided that she wanted to go up the stairs. It is very dangerous and I wasn't about to let her climb those stairs because I knew if I ever let her do it once, she would keep on. She got brave and started up the first couple of stairs and I stopped her. I told her NO! NO! She just turned and looked at me and went as fast as she could up the stairs. I ran and grabbed her, sat her at the bottom of the stairs and explained to her that she would get hurt and not to get on the stairs again.

I broke her heart! She ran as fast as she could, covered her eyes with her little hands, and shoved her face into her daddy's legs. First she started with a little fake whimper but the more he loved on her the louder she cried. Once he loved on her a little, she was fine.

The minute she saw my head turned she started up the stairs again. Same routine, I tell her NO! NO! I pick her up and put her at the bottom of the stairs and go through the explanation of why she can't do that again. What do you know, off to her daddy she goes again. Only this time when she shoved her head into his legs and started her crying she pointed at mommy and started jabbering. That little toot was telling on me, lol. Of course daddy picked her up and loved on her and made everything all better. This continued about two more times before she finally quit trying to go up the stairs. It was really cute that she was running to her daddy and tattling on me but I explained to him that it really isn't a good thing. I can tell that there will be lots of tattling on mommy in the near future.

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Momma B said...

How funny! She's going to be a daddy's girl for sure ;)