Sunday, October 5, 2008

She has a crush on him

A few weeks ago I got a phone call. The lady on the other end of the phone introduced herself and said that she went to school with Hubs. I just handed him the phone and let him talk to her. She called to tell him that she was organizing a class reunion for his class. She gave him all of the details and said that she would be sending something in the mail. She also told him about a website that she had set up for the classmates to post pictures and profiles and such. We talked about it and agreed that we would go to the reunion. He went to a really small school and only had 34 in his graduating class. Really hard for me to understand because there were 463 in mine.

A week later he gets a letter in the mail with all of the details about the reunion. It had the website address included in the letter and asked that everyone register on the website. Hubs has nothing to do with the computer so I went online one night and registered him on the website. As I was looking at all of the old photos from when he was in school I noticed something. There were a lot of pics of my husband. There were more pics of my husband than any of the other men combined. As I was browsing I noticed that I already had a message. I figured it was an automated thing and just welcoming me (Danny) to the site. When I went and checked, I was wrong. It was her again. The same one that had called, set up the website, and sent the letter.

Oh, DP (hubs) I am so glad to see that you registered. I can't wait to see you again. Blah, blah, blah. She commented on how well he looked and how beautiful his kids were. (I had posted a family photo but she never mentioned his wife, lol) I didn't think a lot of it but it sounded kinda like a teenage crush. So I had to respond but didn't quite know how because she thought I was him. I just responded with a simple "Thank you! See ya there." I told Hubs about it the next morning and he got a kick out of it. I asked him if he had dated her back in high school or something and he said NO. NEVER. She had a huge crush on me but I never, ever went out with her or even so much as called her. She was not that pretty and not my type. Well, why does she have so many pictures of you? "She has pictures of me?" Yes, on her website. WHAT? I went to the site and showed him all of the pictures of him and his classmates. He couldn't believe how many pictures she had of him either.

The next day, Hubs called one of his other classmates. He lives here and they talk from time to time. He asked him if Marsha had called him about the reunion. Yep, she did. Did you get the letter/invitation in the mail? Nope! Did she tell you about the website she set up? Nope! Hmmm, kinda weird.

Tonight, just as we were having diner, the phone rang. It was her, again. She called to talk to Hubs again. To give him new details about the reunion. To just "catch up." Hubs called his friend again after he got off the phone with Marsha. Did you ever get your invitation to the reunion? Nope! Has she called you to tell you about blah, blah, and blah? Nope! He then starts laughing and tells Hubs that Marsha must have a crush on him. She has been divorced for about 6 yrs. and she is lonely, lol.

So, I think she has a crush on my Hubs. Maybe an old high school crush but still a crush. I am flattered but also amazed how some people can act. Go join EHarmony or something but leave my Hubs alone, lol.


Erika said...

hmmm wonder if she created the website only to contact ur hubby! ahh. are other people on it too?

nice blog by the way! I'll be back!

Lisa said...

Just curious how you found my blog. Do I know you?

Mrs. Red said...

Dude. Sounds like Miss Marsha needs a boyfriend. LOL It's funny, in a stalker kinda way.