Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Fair Just Isn't His Thing

Bubba has been begging all weekend to go to the fair. I'm cheap and didn't want to make two trips into town this weekend so I made him wait until today to take him. Besides, Sunday is cheap day and the lines aren't nearly as long.

As soon as we got there he took off for the Gee Whiz. It's a crazy ride that I would never get on in a million years cause I'm a wimp like that. He rode it three times in a row while Sister and I watched him. He rode several more rides before he took off for the Sliding Bobs. He waited it seems like forever. There was no line to get on the ride and he was one of the first to get on but the stupid idiots waited until the ride was full before they started it. Anyways, he rode while Sister and I walked around looking at all of the prizes and things. When Bubba got off of that ride he didn't look too happy. I asked him if it scared him and he said no, he was just mad that they made him wait so long. It was getting close to time for us to go so I told him he could ride 3-4 more rides and then we would have to go.

He saw the big Pirate Ship and headed that way. He had his hands in the air, waving and having a good time. At least I thought he was having a good time. As soon as he got off he started asking for something to drink. I said no, not yet, go ride a couple of more rides and we will get a drink on the way out. No mom, I'm done! I couldn't believe it. He was so excited about going and now he was ready to go before I had to drag him out??? He stopped and grabbed onto the fence, bent over and said that his stomach was hurting and he thought he was going to be sick. We waited a little while and he was feeling a little better so we headed for the truck.

Sister saw some stuffed animals and started pointing and jabbering so Bubba had to stop and win her a stuffed tiger. It was really sweet! We stopped and got a sprite on the way to the truck in hopes of settling Bubba's stomach. We barely made it to the truck when he got sick the first time. I loaded Sister up in the car seat, cranked the truck and turned on the A/C and Bubba still hasn't gotten into the truck. Poor kid was bent over beside the truck. Seven times he got sick before we finally got to leave. I felt really bad taking him to baseball practice after getting so sick but he said he was feeling better and he wanted to go.

The poor kid is like his mother. I'm a big wimp and won't even attempt those crazy rides. I KNOW I'll get sick. I gotta give him credit though, he gets on them. He said that he was really glad that he didn't go Friday night with all of his friends and get sick in front of everybody. I'm glad too. He may as well face it, the Fair, it just isn't his thing.


Girl said...

Sissy Loves them. Me? Vomit. Poor Bubba.

J.C. said...

Poor Bubba! He's so sweet though to win a toy for his sister. What a heart he has!

Harmony said...

Aw! Yay for winning a toy. Bummer about getting sick, when it seemed he otherwise was enjoying the rides :(

Tiffany said...

Poor babe!I am the exact same way! He hung on long enough to win Sissy something though. Sweetheart.