Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm It!

I've been tagged by Harmony In Motion. I've gotta tell 7 things about me as a teenager. Here goes:

1. I got my first ticket while driving to drivers ed.

2. I dated the same guy all through high school.

3. I missed almost the entire season of Basketball in the 8Th grade because I was being stupid. I was showing off and walking on my hands. I fell just right and snapped my wrist.

4. 10Th grade through 12Th grade I never made a B. All A's all three years.

5. When I was in the 9Th grade I got 15 pops in one day because of my smart mouth. It started out as 3 for chewing gum in Choir. Old lady Springfield gave me the first three and I laughed at her and asked her if she could do any better. By the time it was all over, I had been given a total of 15 pops by a total of 4 different people. And yes, I deserved it because of my smart mouth.

6. In high school the journalism building was my favorite hang out. That is where we all went to smoke. We would hide out back and smoke like we were cool or something.

7. I earned a 4 year scholarship to Oklahoma State for playing softball. My father wouldn't let me go and it crushed my dreams. It was always my dream to play softball in college and try out for the Olympic team.

Now I've gotta tag somebody.
How about:

Fertile Mertile
Clear Epic
Andria and Co.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My dear Mother in Law

I love you to the moon and back. I am very lucky to have a mil like you. You are a very kind and giving person and would do anything for me and my kids. Therefore, PLEASE stay at home every once in awhile. It really is not necessary for you to come and visit EVERY day. I am sure that there are plenty of chores that you could do around your house. Plenty of other people that you could go and visit. Give me a break! Please! Go visit someone else for awhile. You are really starting to wear on me. My patience is running thin. Isn't your plane scheduled to leave on the 14Th? Do you think that you could maybe get an earlier flight? Sister isn't going anywhere and you can see her when you get back. Spare my nerves woman!

Oh, and yes I know that Alex "sucks" on his momma. It's called breast feeding and it's a GOOD thing. What do you think God gave us those things for? To feed our babies. He's only 8 months old. I fed Sister until she was 13 months old and I didn't hear you complaining. It only makes me wonder what you were saying about me behind closed doors. Just because someone doesn't raise their child the way that you did doesn't mean that it isn't the right way. The only thing that I regret about nursing Sister is that I didn't do it longer.

Now please, while I still love you and adore you, GO VISIT SOMEONE ELSE!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Can you believe that it is just around the corner? That means Christmas will be here before we know it. I'm not prepared. How is it that the older you get the quicker time flies? The elders always said things like that and I always thought that they were silly. They were 100% right. Time goes by so quickly.

We are going to Midland again this year for Thanksgiving. I must admit, I am a bit excited. I'm not looking forward to the 9 hour drive but I can't wait to get there. Bubba can't wait either. He's hoping for another snow day. He's only seen snow twice in his life and the first time he was really too young to remember. He had a great time last year with the snow ball fights and building the huge snowman. Sister is big enough this year to really enjoy it too. Last year we made the mistake of driving home during an awful blizzard. By the time we got to Abilene the snow was so thick we could barely see to drive. It took us almost 13 hours to get home. This time, if it does snow, we aren't leaving until the snow lets up.

Hubs' sister is a great hostess. She's been preparing for our arrival for months. She can't wait for us to get there. We will only be there a few days but she has so many things planned for us to do. Of course we will be doing the early bird shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We have gotta hit those crazy sales and get all of those cool freebies, lol. I love Black Friday! I'm sure it will be really exciting trying to take Sister shopping at 5:00 a.m. Bubba will go with the men and hunt quail. He's never been quail hunting so he's a little excited about it. I hope he has a good time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Truth

I think it's time that the truth came out. That's one good thing about this wonderful country we live in, we have the freedom of speech. Now that I've been banned from YYM I don't have to worry about stepping on any one's toes anymore. I can tell it as I see it and you can do with it as you wish.

First I would like to start by saying that it has been a pleasure sharing my pregnancy, my family, my children, and my life with you all. We have shared a lot of memories over the last two years, many that I will never forget. Thank you for sharing your lives and families with me. It has been an honor.
That being said; I feel like I need to get some things off of my chest. I am sure that once I say what I have to say, some of you will no longer like me, and that's okay. I will truly miss you girls! You've meant a lot to me. I hope that you keep in touch. For those of you that care not to keep in touch, I wish you the best.

I would like to talk about my ban from YYM. I honestly feel like I was wrongfully banned. I truly feel that I did absolutely nothing wrong to warrant being banned. I opened up a simple discussion on NMD. Never did I mention any one's name nor did I mention that it involved anyone from YYM. The ONLY person that knew who or what I was talking about was JB and she felt the need to run and tell ML. If I had mentioned names or anything of that nature then I can see her concern, but I did not. My feelings were VERY hurt by it. I thought that JB could be trusted but now I have found out that she has been reporting back to ML all along. Trying to keep the pot stirring instead of letting it die. I was also very hurt by the fact that no one ever asked me what I posted or anything about it. ML just took it upon herself to suspend me without ever questioning me about it. Then once my 10 day suspension was up she went ahead and completely banned me before I got a chance to take up for myself. If I remember correctly, a few months back when ML asked if it was okay to let Kat come back to the board, she stated that she thought that Girl had unfairly banned her. She said that Girl was being controlling and not asking the opinion of the other board members. The biggest complaint about Girl was that she was a "control freak." Well, pot meet kettle! First J and now me.

I was not really around when the "split" took place at NMD. I was in the middle of moving and taking care of family business. When I got back, I was shocked that LA and ML had left. I did not know what took place and nothing was ever posted on NMD telling anyone what happened. It was a month later that ML sent me the link to YYM and it was not until then that I heard the story for the first time. Since then I have heard the other side of the story too. I asked! Girl was/still is very hurt by the fact that no one bothered to ask her what happened. Everyone just bailed on her and followed ML and LA. There are two sides to every story and everyone should be given their fair shot to defend themselves. Girl took the high road and did not post about the squabble nor did she ever mention it. She honestly thought that it was something that could be worked out.

Girl and C have been nothing but good to me, as have most of you. It is just a shame that grown women can't get along and act like mature adults. No one is going to agree with everyone all of the time. It just isn't going to happen. However, we as adults should have enough mutual respect for one another to work out our differences. You all know the conversations that took place in "Smack Talk" on YYM. I can honestly say that there was NEVER any such topics on NMD. As for the accused stalkings. A is a grown woman and does whatever she wants whenever she wants. No one can control her. Girl, C, nor anyone else asks her to do the things she does, she just does them, and to hold anyone other than A responsible is just plain wrong. The blowing up of the websites. Ask M who started that. I just feel like Girl and C have been wrongfully accused of things and it is completely unfair that they were not allowed to defend themselves. Why not ask them what happened? Have enough respect for them to give them a chance to defend themselves.

During the Birthday buddies gift swapping, I made a mistake. Sisters birthday buddy was E.C. I thought that it was E.G. I was out of town on vacation, dealing with my depression issues, and came home to several very ugly PM's from LA. I admit it, I screwed up and didn't get E.C.'s gift out in time but LA was very rude to me and left me several very ugly messages. It really hurt my feelings but I didn't say anything. I was told that I screwed up E.C.'s special day by not sending her gift on time. I assure you that it was not on purpose!

I would also like to mention the "secret board" that was supposedly on NMD. Girl set that so called "secret board" up for her CO friends that she was friends with IRL. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. They shared personal information there that they were not comfortable sharing publicly yet. As soon as ML found out about it she pouted and wanted to be a part of it. Girl finally just disbanded the "secret board." It wasn't what ML made it out to be to begin with. I could go on and on but I don't want to repeat hearsay. My point is, ML said a LOT of very hateful things about Girl and she was never given the chance to defend herself. I just want you to stop and think how she must feel. Her "friends" that she supplied a board for and was responsible for getting together, just up and left her without every asking questions. Wouldn't your feelings be hurt too?

I am not and never will be the type of person to follow the leader just because everyone else is. I believe what I believe and I have that right. Why can't we just agree to disagree and handle it like mature adults? It is completely obvious that ML has serious control issues. She wants to be the "cool" girl. Well, you are the "cool" girl now. Enjoy yourself!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Fair Just Isn't His Thing

Bubba has been begging all weekend to go to the fair. I'm cheap and didn't want to make two trips into town this weekend so I made him wait until today to take him. Besides, Sunday is cheap day and the lines aren't nearly as long.

As soon as we got there he took off for the Gee Whiz. It's a crazy ride that I would never get on in a million years cause I'm a wimp like that. He rode it three times in a row while Sister and I watched him. He rode several more rides before he took off for the Sliding Bobs. He waited it seems like forever. There was no line to get on the ride and he was one of the first to get on but the stupid idiots waited until the ride was full before they started it. Anyways, he rode while Sister and I walked around looking at all of the prizes and things. When Bubba got off of that ride he didn't look too happy. I asked him if it scared him and he said no, he was just mad that they made him wait so long. It was getting close to time for us to go so I told him he could ride 3-4 more rides and then we would have to go.

He saw the big Pirate Ship and headed that way. He had his hands in the air, waving and having a good time. At least I thought he was having a good time. As soon as he got off he started asking for something to drink. I said no, not yet, go ride a couple of more rides and we will get a drink on the way out. No mom, I'm done! I couldn't believe it. He was so excited about going and now he was ready to go before I had to drag him out??? He stopped and grabbed onto the fence, bent over and said that his stomach was hurting and he thought he was going to be sick. We waited a little while and he was feeling a little better so we headed for the truck.

Sister saw some stuffed animals and started pointing and jabbering so Bubba had to stop and win her a stuffed tiger. It was really sweet! We stopped and got a sprite on the way to the truck in hopes of settling Bubba's stomach. We barely made it to the truck when he got sick the first time. I loaded Sister up in the car seat, cranked the truck and turned on the A/C and Bubba still hasn't gotten into the truck. Poor kid was bent over beside the truck. Seven times he got sick before we finally got to leave. I felt really bad taking him to baseball practice after getting so sick but he said he was feeling better and he wanted to go.

The poor kid is like his mother. I'm a big wimp and won't even attempt those crazy rides. I KNOW I'll get sick. I gotta give him credit though, he gets on them. He said that he was really glad that he didn't go Friday night with all of his friends and get sick in front of everybody. I'm glad too. He may as well face it, the Fair, it just isn't his thing.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

She's rotten!

Hubs is wiring up a friends house. It's a huge two story on top of a mountain. The kids and I decided to go take him some lunch today and help him out a little. When we got there Hubs gave us a tour of the house. There are no walls or anything yet but you can tell that it is going to be a beautiful place. Well Sister decided that she wanted to go up the stairs. It is very dangerous and I wasn't about to let her climb those stairs because I knew if I ever let her do it once, she would keep on. She got brave and started up the first couple of stairs and I stopped her. I told her NO! NO! She just turned and looked at me and went as fast as she could up the stairs. I ran and grabbed her, sat her at the bottom of the stairs and explained to her that she would get hurt and not to get on the stairs again.

I broke her heart! She ran as fast as she could, covered her eyes with her little hands, and shoved her face into her daddy's legs. First she started with a little fake whimper but the more he loved on her the louder she cried. Once he loved on her a little, she was fine.

The minute she saw my head turned she started up the stairs again. Same routine, I tell her NO! NO! I pick her up and put her at the bottom of the stairs and go through the explanation of why she can't do that again. What do you know, off to her daddy she goes again. Only this time when she shoved her head into his legs and started her crying she pointed at mommy and started jabbering. That little toot was telling on me, lol. Of course daddy picked her up and loved on her and made everything all better. This continued about two more times before she finally quit trying to go up the stairs. It was really cute that she was running to her daddy and tattling on me but I explained to him that it really isn't a good thing. I can tell that there will be lots of tattling on mommy in the near future.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I am so incredibly sick of the drama! It seems that some people must have it in order to function in life. Some, well they must have control and all of the attention. I don't understand people like that. What is it that makes people that way? Is it their insecurities? The need for the attention and drama gives them a rush or something? I don't know. I have given up trying to understand it. Then, there is the type that have to hurt others in order to make themselves feel good. What's up with that? Ever heard the saying, "Treat others as you would want to be treated?" No one lives by that anymore. Women, they tend to tear each other down instead of lift each other up, I just don't get it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

He's growing up.

A couple of weeks ago I had MIL pick Bubba up from school. Once she dropped him off he said, "Mom, please don't let Granny come pick me up any more." He said that she really embarrassed him. She yelled out his name and motioned for him to come where she was at and then when he got in the car she hugged and kissed him. He's in Junior High now and he thinks he a "big boy" now, lol.

So this weekend I had to break down and buy Bubba jeans for school. I had put it off as long as I could. He is getting really picky now so we had to go online and look and he showed me what he wanted. I purchased him a few pair of jeans and had him try them on before I washed them. Remember, the boy is just 10. He tries the jeans on and says, "Oh yeah, I've got a pretty butt, these jeans rock!" What? Dude, you are 10. What do you mean you've got a pretty butt? You are wayyyyy too young to be worried about your "pretty butt."

He is really worried about his looks lately. His hair has to be just right, his clothes have to be just right. He is always asking me if this shirt looks good with these shorts, should I wear these shoes, etc. I know he has to grow up but NOT YET. Slow down little dude! Where is my little boy that will wear anything I buy for him? Where did the little boy go that was in love with Power Rangers and Spiderman?

I have been putting off having "The talk" with him but I know I have to do it soon. I just don't want to screw up. He is such a good boy and I hate that he is growing up so fast. Girls now days are so aggressive. It just makes me sick! When I was 10 I was still beating boys up, lol. Now they are chasing boys and calling them up on the phone. What ever happened to letting the boys do the chasing? Thank God Bubba doesn't have any girls after him just yet but I want to talk to him before it happens, ya know? I've really gotta do some research and pray about it before I talk to him because I don't have a clue what I'm doing and I really really don't want to mess up.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

She has a crush on him

A few weeks ago I got a phone call. The lady on the other end of the phone introduced herself and said that she went to school with Hubs. I just handed him the phone and let him talk to her. She called to tell him that she was organizing a class reunion for his class. She gave him all of the details and said that she would be sending something in the mail. She also told him about a website that she had set up for the classmates to post pictures and profiles and such. We talked about it and agreed that we would go to the reunion. He went to a really small school and only had 34 in his graduating class. Really hard for me to understand because there were 463 in mine.

A week later he gets a letter in the mail with all of the details about the reunion. It had the website address included in the letter and asked that everyone register on the website. Hubs has nothing to do with the computer so I went online one night and registered him on the website. As I was looking at all of the old photos from when he was in school I noticed something. There were a lot of pics of my husband. There were more pics of my husband than any of the other men combined. As I was browsing I noticed that I already had a message. I figured it was an automated thing and just welcoming me (Danny) to the site. When I went and checked, I was wrong. It was her again. The same one that had called, set up the website, and sent the letter.

Oh, DP (hubs) I am so glad to see that you registered. I can't wait to see you again. Blah, blah, blah. She commented on how well he looked and how beautiful his kids were. (I had posted a family photo but she never mentioned his wife, lol) I didn't think a lot of it but it sounded kinda like a teenage crush. So I had to respond but didn't quite know how because she thought I was him. I just responded with a simple "Thank you! See ya there." I told Hubs about it the next morning and he got a kick out of it. I asked him if he had dated her back in high school or something and he said NO. NEVER. She had a huge crush on me but I never, ever went out with her or even so much as called her. She was not that pretty and not my type. Well, why does she have so many pictures of you? "She has pictures of me?" Yes, on her website. WHAT? I went to the site and showed him all of the pictures of him and his classmates. He couldn't believe how many pictures she had of him either.

The next day, Hubs called one of his other classmates. He lives here and they talk from time to time. He asked him if Marsha had called him about the reunion. Yep, she did. Did you get the letter/invitation in the mail? Nope! Did she tell you about the website she set up? Nope! Hmmm, kinda weird.

Tonight, just as we were having diner, the phone rang. It was her, again. She called to talk to Hubs again. To give him new details about the reunion. To just "catch up." Hubs called his friend again after he got off the phone with Marsha. Did you ever get your invitation to the reunion? Nope! Has she called you to tell you about blah, blah, and blah? Nope! He then starts laughing and tells Hubs that Marsha must have a crush on him. She has been divorced for about 6 yrs. and she is lonely, lol.

So, I think she has a crush on my Hubs. Maybe an old high school crush but still a crush. I am flattered but also amazed how some people can act. Go join EHarmony or something but leave my Hubs alone, lol.