Thursday, September 11, 2008


We had a really busy weekend planned and within a couple of hours today, everything changed. The homecoming football game was cancelled, school has been cancelled for tomorrow, Bubba's baseball tournament was cancelled, and Hubs fishing event was cancelled. It looks like we will be staying home this weekend and praying that our lights don't go out. My how plans can change so rapidly.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Gustav threatened us. We narrowly missed the eye of Gustav and just got a little wind and rain. This time I don't think we are going to be so lucky. Ike is headed right for us. There are thousands of evacuees already here and many more on their way. First thing in the morning, they will shut down all southbound traffic and open up all lanes for northbound. The gas stations are already running out of gas and the grocery stores are half empty. It is getting a bit crazy. They said on our local news that all the hotels were full and that 2 of the 4 shelters are already full.

Hubs has to go into town to work tomorrow so I have made him a list of things to look for. The last time we had a hurricane hit us like this we were not really prepared to go 8 days without electricity. This time around, I want to make sure that we have everything we need. I hope we don't lose our electricity this time but just in case we do, I wanna be ready. You can never have too many candles or enough batteries.


Anonymous said...

Stay safe!

Tiffany said...

Be safe sweetie!

Harmony said...

Thinking of you and hoping you're faring all right without power :(
Although by the time you read this, you'll have power. Duh.