Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friends. Really?

I'm not sure where to begin. I really got my feelings hurt this weekend by someone I really thought was my friend. I'm not sure what a "friend" is anymore. It seems that you can't trust anyone. I'm not even sure what it is that she thought she would gain by doing what she did. And then, to make matters even worse, another so called friend took the word of the first so called friend and never once even attempted to ask my side of the story. Now, both of them, ashamed of themselves maybe, refuse to respond to me. Neither one of them offer up any type of explanation.
Obviously they were never really my friends to begin with. If I did something to offend them or if there is some reason that they had to dislike me, then shouldn't they at least have the respect to let me know about it? I know I would. I'm just that straight forward. I don't have to like you but I will respect you. Everyone should be grown up enough to at least show mutual respect, at least that's how I feel about it.
I'm not real sure what I am going to do at this point. First, I was really really mad, then I started feeling really hurt and betrayed, now I think the best thing to do is to pray about it and let God lead the way. I will continue to pray for my "friends" too.


Girl said...

I'm sorry hun, I am.

J.C. said...

I hate to be hurt like that. :-( Hope things get cleared up and restored for you.

Andria and Co. said...

Sorry, babe. I wish I was back in Naconowhere, just to be able to have lunch with ya.

You know, I think some people, well, they have cycles. They have to have someone to "pick" on, or to be the black sheep. When someone new comes along, they forget about the old friendships, and instead focus their attention on the new. In the end, throwing the old friends to the wayside. It's sad, and frankly, pathetic.

Again, I'm sorry that you were hurt. But, in the end, it's better to know who your true friends are.

South Park Mama said...

I think more than one person got their feelings hurt here. I also think you will see and realize that there is a group of women that would do just about anything for each other before just throwing them under the bus. Each and every one of us is guilty of jumping the gun sometimes, but that does not mean those relationships can't be repaired. You are missed.

Tiffany said...

The thing that I am scared of is that this will be unrepairable. Sometimes we get so hurt on both sides and angry and frustrated that as women we seem to give up. I'm not sure what makes it so much easier for men.

Please don't give up sweetie. I miss seeing you everyday!