Monday, June 2, 2008

The Silent Treatment

Oye-vay! I get mad at him so he gets mad at me. It is a vicious cycle. He can be such a child. He stayed in the bedroom literally all day yesterday. He would come out long enough to grab something to eat and take it back to the bedroom with him but that was it. He avoided me at all costs. Ignoring me makes him feel like he is right and I am wrong. Like he wants me to apologize or something. Ppppffft, ain't happening.

He yelled at Bubba the other night over something so stupid. He humiliated him in front of his friend and really hurt his feelings. Bubba is just a boy and he's a GOOD boy, there is no need in yelling at him and talking to him like he is less than human. Hubs says he is trying to teach him something. He says that Bubba can't remember anything and that he is tired of telling him over and over again the same things. Well guess what? It is stupid crap that doesn't freaking matter and he is just a kid, he's gonna forget.

So he leaves his bookbag by the front door, what does it hurt? NOTHING. He's gonna get it on his way out in the morning anyway. Is it in the way? NO. He forgot to bring his football inside after playing catch last night. Is it the end of the world? NO. He fell asleep with his t.v. on. Did anyone suffer from it? NO. Gah, you don't have to be so damn hard on him. Just remind him, and let it go. Yelling at him and threatening to beat his butt isn't working. He's a good kid and he needs for you to get off of his ass over the stupid stuff. If you are going to teach him something then teach him how to be a good husband and a great father. Don't teach him to yell and scream and talk down to people. Treat him like he is a human being, not some puppy you found on the road.
I am so sick of you riding his butt over things that don't mean anything. I know that you have to tell him things over and over again. I don't know a kid that you don't have to do that to. It is called being a KID! How about we focus on the important stuff and let the other stuff go. We would ALL be a lot happier if you would just chill the crap out and lighten up some. I know that you are stressed about finances and stuff but seriously dude, don't take it out on us.

P.S. How long you plan on giving me the silent treatment this time? I kinda like it!


Girl said...

They're turds sometimes. Poor Bubba, he really is a good kid. And you, a saint for putting up with it :)

Sonja said...

Bubba, is a sweet and great kid. And I think you are doing a damn good job as a mother.
Men suck sometimes!

Harmony said...

Ugh! If the yelling worked, could I use it on my husband?

Bubba is definitely a very good kid.

J.C. said...

In this case, the silent treatment sounds nice. You are a wonderful and loving mom. I was reading over some of your posts and was so moved by the way you express your feelings for your children.

Tiffany said...

Oh yeah, pick your battles dude!!

Amy said...

Husbands can be such idiots!