Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You just never know what someone else is living

He missed several practices and the first three ballgames, then decided to show up to Friday's game, just as the game was getting started. I was really aggravated that he showed up on me at the last minute because I had to make adjustments and I HAVE to play him even though he hasn't been there in weeks. He showed up, half dressed, no baseball glove, and no glasses. It isn't fair to the other boys that show up for practice and are always there early and give 100%. Then I spoke to his "mother."

This poor kid has had it tough. His biological mother is in prison, again, for the 4Th time. His "mother" has only had him and his two younger brothers for 2 yrs. The state took them away from the biological mother because she sat in the parking lot of the hospital, in labor, and refused to go in until she finished her last hit of crack. This child and his siblings were all born addicted to crack cocaine, have lived in numerous different homes, many different environments, are all on medication, and never had what one would call a stable home. His "mother" is actually a friend of the family, obviously down on her luck too, and I could be wrong, but from what I gather, only took these kids in so that she can collect a check from the state so that she too may buy her crack cocaine.

What, I repeat, WHAT are people thinking? Why do people like this continue to have children? Why doesn't the state require these women to have their tubes tied or some sort of mandatory birth control? Why are they allowed to keep spitting out babies, addicted to God only knows what, and keep drawing checks from the state? I feel so terribly sorry for these kids. They didn't ask to be brought into this world and they don't stand much of a chance at a normal life, ever. Their real chance at life is taken away from them before they ever even get here. It is so sad.

Now I am in a really tough position. I have 10 other boys on the team. All they know is that this kid shows up after being MIA for 2 weeks and enters the game, makes a HUGE mistake on the bases and causes a train wreck. He gets to play just as much as the ones that show up to every practice and every game and some of them get a little bitter about it. How do I make 10 yr old boys understand without saying too much? Is it my place to explain to them the situation? Should I call each individual parent, explain this kids circumstances and leave it up to each parent to explain to their kids what is going on with Randy? I explained it to Bubba, and told him the truth as I know it. It really saddened him and he completely understands but I am not sure that some of the others will. Bubba has a big heart and I am really proud of him. Even though he understands that it is not Randy's fault that he doesn't show up for practice, it is not his fault that he doesn't make it to the game early like everyone else, and it is not his fault that he doesn't have someone to get outside and play catch with when he gets home from school, he is still just a 9 yr old boy, so how much does he REALLY understand?


Jennifer said...

That breaks my heart :(

Harmony said...

So sad. The next problem being, if this kid screws up during the game, the kids probably get upset with him. And none of it is really his fault :(

Amy said...

So terrible.