Sunday, March 16, 2008


Where does time go? I seem to have less and less of it these days. My kids are growing up way to fast, I don't get nearly enough things done that I want to get done. I remember when I was younger, the older people would tell me that the older you get the faster time goes by. They were right! Someone once said that your birthdays get closer and closer together, how true it is.

We had our first team practice Friday. I think we are going to be okay. I have one kid that is 10 yrs. old and NEVER played baseball before, he will be my project child. Then, there is another that has zero athletic ability but he really tries. Those two will be challenges but I think they will be okay. Most of the others, I think they will work out. There is still one that I haven't met yet so I will hold off on him but I have high hopes for a good season.

Hubs hooked the tractor up to the disc and started what will soon be our garden. I am so excited about finally having a garden. I plan on planting tons and tons of peas and tomatoes. I could almost live on those alone! We want to plant onions, squash, cucumbers, and peppers too. I am not sure what else we will plant but I am anxious to get started. He is going to get a tiller tomorrow and start making rows. Bubba isn't so into it, but most kids aren't I guess.

Spring Break is over and Bubba has to go back to school. It has been nice having him home for a week. I hate to see him go back. He is a great help to me when he is here and I love him being home. Some parents can't wait to send their kids off to school but I like spending as much time with mine as I can. They are only kids once and they grow up way to fast. He will be 10 this summer and it makes me so sad to think about it. My little boy is growing up on me.

Ants! I effing hate them! I have a shelf in my closet and I often lay my sleep clothes on them. Yes, I admit it, I may wear the same sleep shorts a couple of nights in a row before I wash them. No harm in that right? Wrong! I went into the closet tonight, grabbed my beloved sleep shorts and jerked them on. Dammit! They were freaking FULL of ants. I got stung on my inner thighs, and all around my panty line, a total of 12 times. How in the heck did ants get into my house? Why in the world did they find the need to nest up in my sleep shorts? I found a line of them climbing up the wall of the closet. Hubs said that he would take care of it but sheesh, those little suckers hurt. I sure hope he takes care of the problem soon!

Sister, well she has her first tooth coming in. I was beginning to think that she wasn't ever going to get a tooth. While I am tickled to death that she has a tooth coming in, I am also sad that I will see no more toothless grins. I know that she has to grow up, but she is more than likely my last baby and I just want to enjoy her being a baby as much as I can. I could never imagine myself having a little girl, I am not the girly girl type, but I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. Pink was my least favorite color in the world but now since Sister has been born, I seem to buy more pink than anything. It is her color! Pink really makes her blue eyes pop. I am learning this girly girl stuff and it isn't quite as bad as I thought.


Girl said...

I liked pink more and more too. I hope you take a picture of that tooth!

Jenn said...

I cried a few tears over that first tooth too.

I'll come help you in your garden!

Tiffany said...

Ants are the worst!! We had to have them sprayed 3 times last summer before they went away!

Can't wait to see pictures of that toofer!

Jess said...

Yay for toofers! But, boo for growing up and ants. There's got to be a way to keep them tiny. (The babies, not the ants...though, those should probably stay tiny, too. Wait, what was I talking about?)

Harmony said...

I'm itching for you now in sympathy of the ants :(