Thursday, March 27, 2008


Opening Ceremonies is this Saturday! I think I have a pretty good team but there are a couple that really need to try piano or something, lol. Opening Day to me means the kick start of Spring. I love the sunshine and warm air. Baseball season rocks! Spring is in the air!

Bubba got commended on the Reading TAKS test and made me a proud momma! He only missed one on the test and to me, that rocks! He has to take the Math portion of the TAKS next week and then the Science a couple of weeks after that. I don't know why I worry about him so much because he always does so well. He is a really smart boy and I am way too hard on him sometimes. I couldn't have asked for a better kid.

Sister, she got her first two teeth and is learning what it means to bite down on things. Ummm, things like her own finger, lol. She's a little firecracker! I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full with her pretty soon. She is so curious and into everything, I can only imagine how it will be once she starts walking.


Jamie B said...

running, chasing, dragging, and lots of "no-NO's"!!! that's what will happen when she starts the walking/running! and if she's like R she'll run from you when she hears no!!! lol

Jess said...
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Jess said...

Go him! And when she starts walking, you are done for!