Sunday, February 24, 2008

What a weekend!

Sickness! Never has there been so much sickness in our house as this year. I just can't seem to get Bubba well. I picked him up from school on Friday and he was running 103.5 fever. Saturday, he woke up still feeling yucky. By mid-afternoon I felt horrible and had started feeling feverish. He and I both ran fever all night and felt like crap. We had to get better because we had plans. Not to mention, Sister was 9 months old on Saturday and we didn't feel well enough to even enjoy it. Happy 9 months my sweet baby girl!

He read this series of books at schooled called, "The Spiderwick Chronicles." He said that it was a great series of books and the new movie was coming out and he really wanted to go see it. He and I haven't been to the movies together in over a year so I promised him that if we were up to it, we would go. Neither of us felt like running a foot race or anything but felt well enough to go see the new movie. It was a cute movie and I really enjoyed it. Bubba did too. We laughed, we cried, we really had a good time. He was up to speed about what was happening because he had already read the books. He said the books were better than the movie, isn't that always the case? All in all, it was a good day. Bubba and I got to spend some much needed time together, it was nice.

The first official select team practice was today, and we missed it. Bubba was just too sick to make it. I was a little worried but was truly pleased that he made the cut. Another strong team in our area busted up and there were several players looking to make the team. This meant that someone had to be let go. Someone wouldn't make the cut. While I know that Bubba is a GREAT ballplayer, I also know that sometimes politics plays a larger roll. I am just very pleased that Bubba made the team because of his ability to play and not because of the political aspect of things. There may be one or two that made the cut because of who their daddy is and how much money he can sponsor to the team. I'm not saying that their kids aren't decent ballplayers, because they are okay, select team players, ah, I'm not so sure. There is a difference. No matter, I am just happy for Bubba. He has wanted this for a long time and he is really happy to be on this team. One of his best buddies didn't make the cut and he is a little upset about that but he made another team and we will still see them quite often at the ballpark.


Anonymous said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!

Jamie B said...

as much as i'm going to miss being on the same team with yall, i'm just so glad us mommies can play with our babies and chat too at the tourneys!!! :) i'm so ready for summer weather and baseball! (ok, maybe not the 100 degree weather, but oh well, lol!)