Thursday, February 21, 2008


Help me! Ouchie! Please help me! These are the sounds that I heard coming from the mouth of my 4 yr old nephew as he lay in the hospital bed recovering from emergency appendectomy surgery. I have never felt so helpless in all my life. The poor baby was in terrible pain and the darn nurses were taking their own sweet time getting to him. Sorry assholes!

As I leaned over to kiss him on his head he asked me to please help him. I couldn't take it any longer so I asked him if he wanted me to go get that ugly old nurse and maker her bring him some medicine. He shook his little head yes so I headed down the hall. Just as I got to the nurses station, I saw his nurse come around the corner. I told her that he needed SOMETHING and NOW! She grabbed his meds and followed me to his room.

He was finally getting something for his pain. He had been out of surgery well over 6 hours and had been giving NOTHING for his pain. The poor baby was in misery. I couldn't stand looking into his big blue eyes and seeing the pain in them any longer. Thank God that she had the medicine ready because I couldn't have made it another minute and I am afraid that I would have gotten really ugly with her.
I pray that the little fellow got some relief and is getting some much needed rest now. I sure hope that tomorrow is a brighter day for him.

On a brighter note, Bubba and I got to spend some quality time together tonight. We don't get near enough time alone together now days. We made a stop by Old Navy and picked him up some new threads. He is at the age where style really matters. He should be stylin' now, lol. He's such a good kid and I am too hard on him sometimes, I am really trying not to be so rough on him. I love that boy!


Girl said...

Poor kids... he is in our prayers. And Bubba? We're gonna need photos.

Jenn said...

Stupid nurses. You'd think that they'd be more on top of things with the "littles." I'm glad he had you to step in.

And Bubba? Definitely need photos!

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! Why the EFF would they not give him pain meds?!

Photos of Bubba requested ASAP!

Jamie B said...

oh, is this one of the cute little boys that would come to b's games?? poor baby!! hospitals are soooo slow getting things to the patients!!! :(