Sunday, February 17, 2008

Always 2nd place, never the Winner

Thirteen hours on the road. That is what Sister and I did all day Friday. Hubs had to take a course on Friday in order to keep his electrical license so I had to haul fish. It was the first time since I got pregnant that I made a fish haul on my own. It wasn't that bad on the way there but on the way back, Sister got a little fussy. Once we got there we found a Babies-R-Us and did a little shopping, just something to get out of the truck and stretch our legs a bit. We stopped at a Chili's and had lunch. Just a little mom and daughter time, it was nice. Then the trip home, ugh. She was okay as long as it was daylight but once the darkness hit, she got crabby. She didn't like being in that back seat, all alone, in the dark. We ended up having to stop once more on the way home, just so that I could get her out and let her take a break. We finally made it home and all was well, she was happy to get in the floor and crawl around.

Then there was Saturday. Bubba had his basketball tournament this weekend. We won the first game 30-2, won the second game 19-9, and then lost the championship game 31-27. So, we walked away with 2nd place, AGAIN. It seems that we just can't get that championship game in our pockets. Bubba was devestated. He said he is tired of coming in 2nd EVERY year. We have gotten 2nd place every single year that we have played, (5 yrs.). Bubba played okay, it wasn't his best weekend on the court but he did his part. He gets a little aggrivated with those that don't want to play, don't know how to play, or just down right can't play but mom and dad signs them up anyway. He is a great athelete and really takes pride in playing and when someone else is goofing off instead of busting their rumps, it doesn't sit well with him. Maybe we will get 'em next year, who knows. I tried to tell him, at least we get 2nd, we could get 4th, 8th, or even last.

Bubba went home with a friend last night. He enjoyed himself but I had to pick him up a little early. He had his first baseball practice today. He is on a traveling select team and they had a little batting practice to prepare for their first tournemnt in March. While we were in town, I had a little grocery shopping to do. I hate having to do that on the weekend but I got it done. Sister stayed home with Daddy and they had a good time. He really is a great daddy and I am so thankful for that. Sister has changed us all, in a good way.

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Girl said...

Hope he had fun with his friend. 2nd place rocks though. I am sure they played hard. You have a good group there. You have a good family too.