Sunday, February 24, 2008

What a weekend!

Sickness! Never has there been so much sickness in our house as this year. I just can't seem to get Bubba well. I picked him up from school on Friday and he was running 103.5 fever. Saturday, he woke up still feeling yucky. By mid-afternoon I felt horrible and had started feeling feverish. He and I both ran fever all night and felt like crap. We had to get better because we had plans. Not to mention, Sister was 9 months old on Saturday and we didn't feel well enough to even enjoy it. Happy 9 months my sweet baby girl!

He read this series of books at schooled called, "The Spiderwick Chronicles." He said that it was a great series of books and the new movie was coming out and he really wanted to go see it. He and I haven't been to the movies together in over a year so I promised him that if we were up to it, we would go. Neither of us felt like running a foot race or anything but felt well enough to go see the new movie. It was a cute movie and I really enjoyed it. Bubba did too. We laughed, we cried, we really had a good time. He was up to speed about what was happening because he had already read the books. He said the books were better than the movie, isn't that always the case? All in all, it was a good day. Bubba and I got to spend some much needed time together, it was nice.

The first official select team practice was today, and we missed it. Bubba was just too sick to make it. I was a little worried but was truly pleased that he made the cut. Another strong team in our area busted up and there were several players looking to make the team. This meant that someone had to be let go. Someone wouldn't make the cut. While I know that Bubba is a GREAT ballplayer, I also know that sometimes politics plays a larger roll. I am just very pleased that Bubba made the team because of his ability to play and not because of the political aspect of things. There may be one or two that made the cut because of who their daddy is and how much money he can sponsor to the team. I'm not saying that their kids aren't decent ballplayers, because they are okay, select team players, ah, I'm not so sure. There is a difference. No matter, I am just happy for Bubba. He has wanted this for a long time and he is really happy to be on this team. One of his best buddies didn't make the cut and he is a little upset about that but he made another team and we will still see them quite often at the ballpark.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Help me! Ouchie! Please help me! These are the sounds that I heard coming from the mouth of my 4 yr old nephew as he lay in the hospital bed recovering from emergency appendectomy surgery. I have never felt so helpless in all my life. The poor baby was in terrible pain and the darn nurses were taking their own sweet time getting to him. Sorry assholes!

As I leaned over to kiss him on his head he asked me to please help him. I couldn't take it any longer so I asked him if he wanted me to go get that ugly old nurse and maker her bring him some medicine. He shook his little head yes so I headed down the hall. Just as I got to the nurses station, I saw his nurse come around the corner. I told her that he needed SOMETHING and NOW! She grabbed his meds and followed me to his room.

He was finally getting something for his pain. He had been out of surgery well over 6 hours and had been giving NOTHING for his pain. The poor baby was in misery. I couldn't stand looking into his big blue eyes and seeing the pain in them any longer. Thank God that she had the medicine ready because I couldn't have made it another minute and I am afraid that I would have gotten really ugly with her.
I pray that the little fellow got some relief and is getting some much needed rest now. I sure hope that tomorrow is a brighter day for him.

On a brighter note, Bubba and I got to spend some quality time together tonight. We don't get near enough time alone together now days. We made a stop by Old Navy and picked him up some new threads. He is at the age where style really matters. He should be stylin' now, lol. He's such a good kid and I am too hard on him sometimes, I am really trying not to be so rough on him. I love that boy!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Always 2nd place, never the Winner

Thirteen hours on the road. That is what Sister and I did all day Friday. Hubs had to take a course on Friday in order to keep his electrical license so I had to haul fish. It was the first time since I got pregnant that I made a fish haul on my own. It wasn't that bad on the way there but on the way back, Sister got a little fussy. Once we got there we found a Babies-R-Us and did a little shopping, just something to get out of the truck and stretch our legs a bit. We stopped at a Chili's and had lunch. Just a little mom and daughter time, it was nice. Then the trip home, ugh. She was okay as long as it was daylight but once the darkness hit, she got crabby. She didn't like being in that back seat, all alone, in the dark. We ended up having to stop once more on the way home, just so that I could get her out and let her take a break. We finally made it home and all was well, she was happy to get in the floor and crawl around.

Then there was Saturday. Bubba had his basketball tournament this weekend. We won the first game 30-2, won the second game 19-9, and then lost the championship game 31-27. So, we walked away with 2nd place, AGAIN. It seems that we just can't get that championship game in our pockets. Bubba was devestated. He said he is tired of coming in 2nd EVERY year. We have gotten 2nd place every single year that we have played, (5 yrs.). Bubba played okay, it wasn't his best weekend on the court but he did his part. He gets a little aggrivated with those that don't want to play, don't know how to play, or just down right can't play but mom and dad signs them up anyway. He is a great athelete and really takes pride in playing and when someone else is goofing off instead of busting their rumps, it doesn't sit well with him. Maybe we will get 'em next year, who knows. I tried to tell him, at least we get 2nd, we could get 4th, 8th, or even last.

Bubba went home with a friend last night. He enjoyed himself but I had to pick him up a little early. He had his first baseball practice today. He is on a traveling select team and they had a little batting practice to prepare for their first tournemnt in March. While we were in town, I had a little grocery shopping to do. I hate having to do that on the weekend but I got it done. Sister stayed home with Daddy and they had a good time. He really is a great daddy and I am so thankful for that. Sister has changed us all, in a good way.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stupid sickness

Bubba had strep throat for a week and then he got the flu and was down for 2 weeks. Now I have this horrible sinus infection that has settled in my teeth and giving me terrible fits. And if that isn't enough, Bubba came home from school today with fever again, and here it is after midnight and Sister woke up burning up with fever. I sometimes feel like a damn hermit because I sit in this house and keep me and my kids away from all the sickness and germs but we still get sick.
This crazy weather is enough to make anyone sick. It is 75 one day and 30 the next. I am so freaking ready for spring.
I sure hope that Sister is running fever because of her teething and not because she is getting sick. I sure don't want to have a sick baby on my hands. I got an antibiotic today so hopefully I will be on the mend soon. I am not sure about Bubba, I sure hope he isn't having a relapse. Sickness, go the eff away!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beautiful weekend

It is looking more and more like spring. Bubba had his last regular season basketball game Saturday and the weather was amazing. Sunny and 75 degrees! We won the game 24-11 and finished our season with a 5-2 record. Not bad, not what we would have liked for it to have been, but not bad. Next weekend is the big tournament. If we play well we may walk away with 2nd place. I am usually very optimistic in these situations and I would like to think that we could win it all but in reality, there is one team that is just too good for us. If I could lose a player or two it would help but since I am stuck with them, they hold us back. All in all, it has been a good season. Now it is time for baseball.

It was sunny and beautiful again today. Bubba spent the night with a friend after the basketball game yesterday so he didn't get home unitl mid-afternoon. Hubs, Sister, and I went for a walk and then Bubba and I got out in the yard and played catch. I know that I am a little biased because I am his mom but Bubba, he's a helluva baseball player. I am so proud of him! Baseball was my first love and I am so honored that it is his first love too. He is headstrong and stubborn like his mother but he listens and keeps trying to improve all the time.

I am not sure how I am going to manage coaching again this year but I have to. I have coached his team every year since he started and I can't stop now. It will be tough trying to juggle Sister around and coach Bubba's team but he deserves it. I can't push him aside just because we have a baby now. I have to try and show him as much individual attention as possible. He was an only child for 9 years, that is a long time to be the center of your mother's attention. If I weren't so anal and I could let someone else watch Sister it would really help. I just haven't gotten to that point yet. Hubs is the only one that I trust to keep her and I know that there will be days that he won't be able to do that when we have practice. Games don't worry me, I have plenty of friends that will be at the ballpark and more than willing to hold her during the game. It will all be tough, but I will manage, some way, some how.

With this fresh burst of warm, sunny weather, it has really given me the baseball fever. Sign-ups started this week and I am busting at the seems, ready to get started.

Monday, February 4, 2008

It's Monday

Last thing before I went to bed last night I turned the alarm clock on. Hubs woke me up at 7:00 a.m., asking if I was going to get up for school or not. What? Why didn't my alarm go off? Now I have to rush and get Bubba up and ready. I totally forgot that I had changed the time on the clock because we had an early basketball game Saturday. Ugh! So, that is how my day started.

Hubs was off of work today so he was home ALL day and right under my butt. I love him to death but sheesh, do something productive, or at least get out of my way so that I can. When he is home, he dirties stuff up and leaves messes for me to clean. Men.

Bubba went back to school today after missing 3 days last week. He was home a couple days at the first of the month with Strep Throat and then last week he came down with the Flu. He toughed it out a few days before I finally carried him to the ER for them to send us home, saying there was nothing we could do but treat the symptoms. He feels much better now and had a good first day back. When he got home today we pulled up his grades on the computer, he had a couple tests today that he had missed, and I was so stinking proud of him. His grades are great! He had straight A's again for the first time since the first 6 weeks. Those are HIS kind of grades and I am so proud of him for buckling down and giving 100%.

He is at a tough age and with him being so much younger than all of the others in his class, he sometimes doesn't know how to deal with the peer pressure. He is too into being the "cool kid" instead of being the "smart kid." I think he has taken some flack about being in the Gifted and Talented program and for making such good grades. We had some struggles and his grades slipped for awhile. I sometimes wonder if allowing him to move a grade ahead was the right thing to do or not. I hope that I did right by him. I guess only time will tell.

Basketball practice tonight was a waste of time. Three of my players didn't show up and it is hard to run plays when you have that many out. We got beat Saturday and we basically gave the game away by making bad passes and not playing enough defense. I was really gonna work them over tonight but just couldn't do it with 3 of them out. Hopefully they will all be there Friday and we can prepare for our last game on Saturday. Saturday is our last season game and then the big tournament will be the weekend after. The way things are looking right now, we will get 2nd place, again. Always 2nd place, never the winner. It's gotta be our year sooner or later, right?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back at it!

I haven't blogged in awhile. I had to take some time to myself and time to think. I guess I kind of got my feelings hurt that I rarely get comments. Then, once I really thought about it, I blog for myself more than anything so the comments shouldn't affect me. It is hard to say that they don't because who doesn't like to get comments? But, I have to blog first and foremost, for me. Writing is like cheap therapy. I may have blogged to much about myself and scared some people off but I can't let that bother me. I am who I am because of my past. I can't hide that any longer.
For a long time, I didn't tell ANYONE about the things that had happened to me. I never told my mother before she died. She knew, because of the whole court thing, but she never knew details and I never wanted anyone in my family to know the truth. Now, I don't feel that way at all. In the beginning, I felt guilty, I felt ashamed and I didn't want anyone, let alone my family to know what horror I went through. Now that I have done some healing and opening up, I realize that in order for me to completely heal, I had to talk about it. I have told Hubs most of what happened and I have told mil some small details but I still haven't told them everything. I tried to tell my sister some things but she didn't want to hear it. She still blames me for taking her daddy away from her. Because of his probation he wasn't allowed at school functions, couldn't leave the city limits without written permission, and all sorts of other things that I really don't care to know about. She thinks he is the most perfect man to ever step onto the face of the earth, and while he may be a changed man now, (I really don't know) he is far, I mean far, from perfect.
So, I will continue to blog, I will continue to heal, and I will try really hard, not to let the lack of comments bother me. I will blog for me and that is what is most important. Me, wow, I said it, I am important. That is a major step in the right direction.