Thursday, January 3, 2008

Finally back on the net!

The move went well. We have been in the new house a little over a week and I am so in love with all of this room. I still have a lot to do to get the place looking like I want it to but that is going to take time. I wish that I could just snap my fingers and have everything done but that is not realistic so I will have to be patient and take small steps to get to where I want things to be.

Christmas wasn't too bad. I must admit that I was dreading it somewhat but it all turned out fairly well. We went to MIL's Christmas Eve night and Christmas afternoon and then my dad, brother and his family all came to our new home Christmas evening. I really enjoyed hosting them. We had a really good time and the kids enjoyed themselves. I took a little time in between it all to take a walk and talk to my mom. I could be completely wrong but I honestly feel like she can hear me and it helps me to keep believing that so I hang onto it with everything I've got. I will never stop missing her and I will never stop talking to her. I guess it is my own way of keeping her alive in my heart and in my mind.

Bubba was tickled to death over the Wii and the Fathead. He was so proud! Seeing my kids happy, makes me happy. Bubba, Hubs, and I have played Wii until our arms are sore and ready to fall off. Bowling, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, wow, who knew how out of shape we were until we got started playing Wii. It is good for us though, we needed to get up off of our butts and do soemthing. What better way to exercise than having fun huh?

I had to take Sister to the ER yesterday. Seems that she has a viral infection that caused her to break out in a rash and cause her whoha to become swollen. I am so overly cautious with her and she still got sick. Damn! She doesn't feel bad or act sick, just has an ugly rash on her belly, back, and diaper area. They said that it should start clearing in a couple of days. She was such a trooper and never even made a peep when they stuck the needle in her to draw blood. She just sat there looking around and smiling while they did their job. I was so shocked and so proud of her. She's a big girl! I don't think Bubba could have been that still and quiet, but of course he would never admit that. He really doesn't like needles.


Jonathon said...

I hope she gets better fast!

-two lines on a stick (tara)

Harmony said...

Hope she's feeling better already! Poor thing :(
Glad the holidays went well and you're all enjoying the Wii!

Kris said...

Poor kiddo. I hope she gets better soon!

Don''t you just love the Wii? I remember being really sore when we first got ours. It was a good kind of sore. lol

I think it's great that you take the time to talk to your mom. I honestly believe that our loved ones can hear us. So keep talking. She's listening.

Tiffany said...

Sister is amazing!

Yay for the Wii!!