Sunday, November 18, 2007

Deer Slayer, Ah, Not So Much

Hubs took Bubba to sight the guns in yesterday. He was really proud of Bubba. He was within an inch or two on every shot. Wow, that is pretty good for a 9 year old right? Last night I lay his clothes out and have all of his things ready for the two of them to go hunting this morning. He was so excited that he could barely sleep. About 8:00 a.m. I heard the shot. Oh boy, my baby boy has killed his first deer. I was so excited, waiting in anticipation for them to call and tell me how big it was. I waited, and I waited, and I waited. Finally, the call came. Did you hear Bubba shoot, YES YES, What did he kill, Um, he missed it. No way! I was heartbroken for him. Hubs says they are going to stay awhile longer and see if they can get a shot on anything else.

Oh boy, I heard it again. He shot! Surely he got it this time. Yay! Just a few minutes pass by and the phone rang. I yell, yay, what did he get dad? Um, he missed again. It was a HUGE buck, the grandaddy of all deer, and he missed him. What? How could he miss TWO deer in the same day? My heart sunk because I knew that he would be heartbroken.

Hubs said that they looked and looked for blood because he just couldn't believe that he missed it. But, they found nothing. My poor boy missed twice today. Now he is heartbroken and not sure if he ever wants to go again. He is feeling pretty down and has been pouting most of the afternoon.

Hubs spared him the humiliation of cutting his shirt tail off, that is the tradition, when you miss a dear. Besides, hubs knows that if he cuts his shirt tail off, he will have to be the one to replace it.

I hope my boy doesn't give up. And I hope that Hubs doesn't give up on him. I want him to get his first deer so badly. Maybe they will go again this evening and maybe, just maybe, he will redeem himself as The Deer Slayer.


Steph said...

Tell him not to give up! He'll get it!

Katrina said...

aww, hunting is harder than it looks (and btw..gag at that picture lol) i don't mind hunting, it's the cleaning up abnd touching of the animal that i couldn't do!