Monday, October 29, 2007

Long Weekend

Wow, what a weekend.
Friday night we took the kids to the Zoo Boo. There were so many people there. We entered Sister in the costume contest but didn't stay and find out the results. There were 96 contestants in the 0-4 age group and it was getting late so we had to leave. Bubba had a good time playing all of the games and getting candy. They had the Zoo decorated up nicely and it was fun for the kids so it was all worth it.

Saturday night Bubba had his last fall ball games. He had a double header against the Mustangs. They won their first game 15-0 and the second game 9-1. The little team that we were playing was not very good. Bubba played well, was happy that they won but a little disappointed that he didn't get to pitch. He was scheduled to pitch the last inning but time ran out. I tried to explain to him that the coach didn't pitch him because he is really good and the team they were playing was not. Therefore there was no need to pitch your best pitcher and rub the victory in even more. He understood but was still a little disappointed. He has a tournament coming up in a couple of weeks and he will get in plenty of pitching during the tournament.

Yesterday I attempted to take Sister's pic "in" a pumpkin. I should have known better. She HATES pumpkins! A couple of weeks ago when we took her to the pumpkin patch she refused to smile, well, same thing yesterday. She would NOT smile and eventually began to scream until we "let her out." I got a couple of decent pics but not the be toothless grin shots that I was hoping for. Maybe next year she will cooperate more, nah, I doubt it.

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Tiffany said...

I bet she'll have way more fun next year! That's what I'm waiting for!