Friday, August 24, 2007

Sneak A Peak

Last night was Sneak A Peak at Bubba's school. We had to go meet the teacher's and visit his new classroom and all of that jazz. I must say I feel a bit better about school now than I did at the end of the school year last year. Both of his teachers seem very nice and very concerned about the children. I know them both on an acquaintance type basis, if that makes sense.

I am really hoping for a good year this year and Bubba is too. We had a long talk and we are both going to try and put last school year behind us and start with a clean slate.

He is in a different home room than his best friend and I think that could ultimately end up being a good thing. Bubba and his BFF are both a year ahead of what they are supposed to be and still happen to be the top of the class, so they often end up being compared to one another and that never has a good outcome. I don't want my child compared to ANYONE, he is an individual and I want him treated as such.

I am going to miss him so bad next week. I don't know what I am going to do without him. He is my rock! I know Sister will miss him too because he holds her and plays with her so much. I am so grateful that they have had this time to bond.

My baby boy is now a 5th grader! He is growing up and I can't stand it. If I could, I would have him stay a little boy forever. Gah, why does being a mom have to hurt so bad?


Anonymous said...

Good luck in school Bubba!

(((HUGS))) Mama!

Jaime said...

Here's hoping this year is WAY better than last year!

And I'm just discovering how much it hurts to be a mama--gah!