Sunday, August 19, 2007

Shopping Trip

It was tax free weekend here this weekend and time to buy school clothes. Bubba wanted to go to Academy so off we went. He now has Under Armour or Nike dry-fit in just about every color. He is a happy happy boy! I gave him $175 to buy what he wanted for school clothes and he came out a champ. It was so awesome to let him pick out what he wanted and see the smile on his face. He came out with 5 shirts, 4 pairs of shorts, a pair of cleats, and a pair of nike sneakers. The boy is set for school!

We then headed to Target to get school supplies. Baby girl was not too happy with that. I managed to keep her quiet just long enough to get Bubba's supplies. 5 packages of pens? Are you kidding me? He is in the 5th grade, why on earth does he need 5 packages of pens? And 5 packages of pencils? Whatever! Oh, and grading pens? Isn't that what the teacher is for? Seriously, some of these things made no sense to me. We had already purchased a backpack and he is using the same lunch box he had last year so with us just getting the bare minimum that was on his list, it cost me $60. What do people do that don't have that to spend on school supplies? It is nuts!

Just as we got out the door of Target, baby girl let it be known that she was NOT happy! We got everything loaded in the truck and headed to Reesy's house. By the time we got there baby girl was screaming at the top of her lungs, she was HUNGRY, lol. Reesy was so glad to see her and bragged and bragged on her. We stayed about 2 hours and let Reesy spend a little time with Sister. Bubba and Pop talked baseball as usual.

We got home around 9-ish. Daddy helped us unload and Bubba had to show Daddy all of the cool stuff he got. Mommy was wore out and Sister was ready to get out of the carseat. Daddy took Sister for a few minutes and Mommy just sat out on the porch for a little while and relaxed. We had a fun day and Bubba was happy but it was really tiring for me. I am glad we are done!

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