Saturday, August 11, 2007

In the Beginning

Well, I finally did it. I joined the blog world. I worry that this may become another addiction. I talk a lot so I know that I can write a lot. And being that I am somewhat stuck in the house with an infant, I am sure I can find all kinds of boring stuff to write about.

I guess I could start with, dang it is HOT! I have been stuck in this house for months now. Not able to get outside and play ball with my boy. DH came home early today so I thought that I would take advantage and go outside and play catch with Bubba. We lasted about 15 minutes. It is so scorching hot and so humid you can't breath. We had to come in. My out of shape butt couldn't handle the heat any longer.

It wasn't until after I had baby girl that I realized how much my life would change. I knew things were going to be different and I knew what having a baby was all about but what I didn't know was just how much. I love her to pieces and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world, but oh how I miss my freedom. There is just so much that I can't do anymore. I know it sounds like I am complaining, but I'm really not. I could do more, if I could leave her with someone else. I am just not ready for that yet. I left her with her daddy once for 2 hours while I went to Wal-Mart and it drove me nuts.

I miss getting out in the yard and playing ball with Bubba. We haven't had much mom and son time since Sister got here. Today, while we were outside playing catch, I realized how he must miss it too. Before baby girl got here, we used to play catch almost everyday. Even when I was pregnant, I would get outside and play with him. He has been so good about it though. He has been the best big brother a girl could ever ask for. He helps me with her so much. He prayed so long for a baby and now that he finally had his prayer answered he is on cloud nine. Not once has he complained. He has helped me with dishes, laundry, even holding and caring for his sister while I take care of household things. I love that boy so much!

I have got to find time in the very near future to do something special with him, just he and I. He had my undivided attention for almost 9 years and he has taken a back burner for the last 2 and a half months. I think I am going to go tell him how special he is and how proud I am of him for not complaining and for helping me so much. My boy is truly an awesome kid!


canape said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the bloggy world, mama! Love those gorgeous kiddos of yours! :)