Sunday, August 26, 2007

Church visitors

DH got up this morning and asked if we wanted to go visit a new church this morning. I am ashamed to admit it but Sister hadn't been to church yet. I scrounged through the closet until I finally found something that my big butt would fit into, got DH and the kids ready and off we went. When we got in the truck and headed into town we weren't sure exactly where we were going.

We ended up at a church on the loop. A fairly big church but not huge. As we pulled into the parking lot the early morning service was ending. We made it just in time for the second service. It was okay, but I am not sure we will go back. We really need to find a new church. The kiddos need to be in Sunday School. Blake goes to Sunday School at our hometown church pretty often but we are not really happy with the church here.

Once church was over we went out to eat. I had been craving pot roast from Cotton Patch. We had to wait about 20 minutes but it was well worth the wait. I heart Cotton Patch!

Not much happening around here today, just taking it easy. Bubba starts school tomorrow so we are trying to get ready for that. :( I guess Sister and I will have to start a new schedule this week. I am feeling a little anxious. Bubba is kind of ready though. He really likes both of his teachers and he is starting out with a good attitude so I am hoping and praying he has a good year.


Tiffany said...

I hope you find a church home where you're comfortable! Of course Bubba is going to have a great year! B/c he's just awesome like that!

Jaime said...

Good luck on finding a church!! I feel it's one of those things that you'll know is right immediately :)

Mandy said...

Finding a new church is HARD! We've been looking for over 8 years now. :( I heart me some Cotton Patch too! Esp. the pot roast sandwich! YUMMY!