Thursday, August 30, 2007

Broken heart

MIL had a biopsy done on a nodule that was found on her thyroid. (It is benign) So DH's sister came home for a few days. I love her to pieces. She was never able to have children so she takes extra special interest in the nephews and now Sister too. Toonsit, dh's sister, has wanted us to have a girl for so long and now that we finally have one, she is ecstatic.
She mails stuff to Bubba all the time and has now started mailing to Sister too. She gave her her first diamond a few weeks ago.

She had to go back home today so we went and ate dinner with them last night. She really broke my heart! She loves Sister so much already. She was holding her and talking to her and Sister was cooing and smiling back. It was so sweet! She didn't know that anyone was watching or listening. She was telling her how much she loved her and how she was going to buy her a pretty dress for Christmas, and then she had big tears in her eyes as she says, "Don't you forget me okay." It absolutely broke my heart. She would have made such a good mother and she is such a good person. I completely don't understand why some people aren't able to have children and others are killing theirs.


Harmony said...

Awww!!! How sweet :)

Tiffany said...

Super Aunties are the best!!

Katrina said...

she sounds like a fantastic Aunt. It is so unfair sometimes.