Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ball practice anyone?

Sister has had a rough couple of days. Literally no napping at all on Monday and the same thing yesterday, well at least until we got to baseball practice. I am not sure what has been going on with her the last couple of days but it has been tough on both of us. Teething, gas, I don't know but I wish we could fix it soon.
Anyway, we got in the truck and started on our way to baseball practice about 5:30 yesterday and she fell asleep in the carseat. Once we got there, I got her out and thought for sure that she would wake up. Nope, she slept! That sweet baby slept the entire practice, with all of the boys running and yelling and the whole nine yards. She even slept for an hour after we left and went to Wally World. She got some much needed rest.

It looks like we are going to have a really good team. Bubba is really excited! He has wanted to be on a good select team for awhile and now it is finally happening. As of right now he will be the #2 pitcher and the starting 1st baseman. He got his wish for the team name too. They were originally going to be called the Sidewinders, but after Bubba nagged the coach long enough he let Bubba pick the name and he came up with Nac Nitro. I really tried to help him come up with another name but my brain has been fried for quite awhile. Their colors will be maroon and gray. Not exactly my choice but I have to remember that I am not coaching this time.

It is really hard for me not being able to coach. I absolutely love it and it is so hard sitting back and watching and not being involved. I do however plan on coaching basketball and I will coach baseball again once spring rolls around. Sister will have to get used to being lugged around in the moby, lol.


canape said...

You coached the baseball team? That totally rocks.

How did you get into coaching? Did you play when you were growing up?

Tiffany said...

Yay for Sister! Prayse always falls asleep in hers so maybe that will help the lil lady w/ her naps!

Yay for Bubba too! I can't wait to see how his b-ball season goes!